About Cremi Mex

We adhere to the highest standards of quality and freshness to bring you only the best be it in Dairy and much more.

Our Start

The Salinas family created the company over 18 years ago and began with a single truck and the effort of every member of the family. What began as a Mexican cream for the south LA neighborhood they lived in has blossomed into a nationwide network of over 100 products ranging from the cream and cheese that started it all to Central American fruits and specialty items that meet the ever growing communities needs. The focus on the family and their customers has not changed from day. Service and quality separated the first bucket of cream they sold from what was on the market then and it continues to do so today with more than 20 employees, 8 vehicles and several locations.


Our Business

Cremi Mex has been serving the Hispanic community since 1998 with the highest quality dairy products. We have created a successful network that allows us to deliver our initial offering of Mexican and Central American style Cheese and Creams to 21 different states in the U.S.

What makes us special is our attention to detail and customer service. We believe that our relationships with our distributors, customers and the end consumer comes above all else and we strive to provide the best products in the market every day.

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Executive Staff

Guillermo Salinas


Frank Salinas

Vice President

Brasilia Olivares

Operations Manager

Mario Gonzalez


Hersson Preciado

Marketing Manager